Integrated Building Management System

Design of Building Management System (BMS) system, BMS delivers a range of powerful features to monitor your buildings' devices and systems including HVAC, lighting, water, hydraulics and electrical equipment. At the same time as creating a comfortable and energy efficient environment, you will have control over your building management operations to give you optimum performance and efficiencies. Current and historical data is available for analysis and reporting. BMS also includes the following

  • Controls air handling and cooling plant systems, lighting, power systems, fire systems, security systems, surveillance systems.
  • All the operation controls are at one point.
  • Based on standard vendor protocols like RS 485, RS 232 serial, TCP/IP, BACnet, Modbus etc.
  • Advanced alarm management
  • Easy to use, information–rich interface
  • Full management reporting
  • Ultimate reliability for mission critical environments
  • Lighting controls for optimized power usage and energy conservation