Turnkey Electrical
  • Turnkey Electrical

    Complete system design of internal/external installation, working of power load as per user's requirements. Preparation of detailed budgets.
    Designing of Electrical Control Panel, Operator Panel
    Electrical Drawings and Documentation.
    Documentation for Validation of Control System
    Estimation and Costing of Projects
    Design of size of cables, Transformers LV/ H.V./ Panels, etc.
    Co-ordination with Architects / Plumbing / Landscaping Consultants vis-à-vis your office.
    Preparation of tenders/Call of Quotations, finalization of contracts and negotiations with the contractors/suppliers, to control Investment in Electrical works as per Budget/Requirements.
    Generator Selection, Testing. Preparation of various schemes for Auto Change Over Systems, Automisation.
    Design of Building Management and Automation System, Wi-Fi Connectivity on Internet.
    Regular Site inspections, quality check, control of material consumption.
    Assisting in purchasing better quality material at economical rates.
    Site selection for economic design for layout of transformers, meter boxes etc/ Liaison with Architects.
    Check of electrical contractors bills of works and justifying the same with respect to work done.
    Ensuring the completion of work for safety and "No Complaint", from end user.
    Issue of Blue Prints for Contractors, Architects/Electrical Inspector, Site Engineers, Electricity Board and finally to Users / Property Managers.
    Assisting Electrical contractors in technical discussion with local electricity boards for Power Load Sanction / approvals.
    Testing of each unit by our own instruments
    Electrical designing and planning for
    No short circuit
    No fire
    No voltage fluctuation
    Savings in electric consumption
    Advanced / Innovative selection of material for better services.

  • Internal Electrification of buildings

    Layout of Electrical Fixtures
    Conduit Layout for light and power points
    Switch board and Distribution board details
    Specifications of Wires and Cables
    Specifications of Miniature Circuit Breakers(MCB),Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB) and other equipments
    Standard specifications of electric accessories and equipment
    Detailed Load Demand Statement and Single Line Diagram

  • External Electrification of buildings

    33 KV Substation and 11 KV Substation
    Details of Earthing Stations
    Layout of H.T. / L.T. Cables, Cable Route
    Single Line Diagram of External Electrification
    Transformer Yard Layout

  • Design of Electrical Panels

    HT VCB Panel
    LT PCC & MCC Panels
    Automatic Mains Failure Panel
    Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels
    Distribution Panels
    Automatic On-Off Street light Panel